Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) was my first international conference. This article is intended to serve as a walkthrough of the entire programme for those interested in HPAIR and to anyone who is considering applying to HPAIR in the future. When I wanted to apply for the conference, I could not find many resources to read up about the conference with respect to the delegate experience, application help from the past delegates, etc.

So if you need any more information apart from this article, do let me know here.

HPAIR 2021 was a unique event and truly…

CFGL(Crossfire and Guest Lectures) is one of the fifteen teams that come together to organize Pragyan, NIT Trichy’s ISO-certified techno-managerial festival. At CFGL, we work to bring people of eminent stature to campus for engaging guest lectures and a fiery debate which we call the Crossfire.

Why I am writing about CFGL in particular is because I headed the team in my final year, which was among the best things that happened to me in college. Now when I say ‘best,’ I most certainly do not mean a smooth ride. In fact, it was far from a smooth sail. …

I have always been afraid to acknowledge the plans I have for myself. Even though I would ardently want to achieve something(and even have, to a certain extent)I would relegate all my plans to the back of my mind. This was a trick I devised to feel the apparent control I had over my plans, so they would not seem too overwhelming. If I charted my plans down, they had to be done no matter what, so having plans just lingering in my head made them buzz at the times I wanted them to and I would never have to…

I was doing my regular hair wash today when I noticed something very interesting.

Ever felt that you never really use all of the conditioner in your bottle whereas it is easier to get out the shampoo completely?

A possible explanation I figured was in the viscosity and flow capabilities of the two entities in question. Any conditioner is more viscous and less runny compared to the shampoo from the same brand(or even in general!).

Now, where does Design thinking come into all this?

The Sunsilk Conditioner Bottle

It is interesting how we learn something every day. Today, as I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, I came across the STAR technique of answering interview questions.

STAR is actually an acronym for a framework that helps you answer situational questions.


I wanted to write it down immediately because I found it intriguing. I hope to make use of this when chances come by in the future.

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative founded by Anna Vainer, aiming to empower women and underrepresented groups and help them completely own their achievements and talk about them openly without inhibitions.

Check out their page here.

If you are someone who thinks your accomplishments are not worthy enough or if you think you just need some inspiration to speak up about yourself, then #IamRemarkable has got you covered.

Here is why you should give it a shot at one of the #IamRemarkable workshops.

1. Free

It is completely free of cost and you can sign up for one of these workshops at a…

Cargill Global Scholars Programme is a two-year scholarship programme institutionalized by Cargill and the Institute of International Education(IIE) that aims at developing future leaders. The scholarship brings along with it, financial aid for its scholars, year-long mentorship programmes and in-country and global summits.

Cargill India opens applications for this coveted scholarship to only a handful of institutions in the country. Credits to the great reputation that the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli carries with it, the university had already made it into Cargill’s list.

All I had to do was apply for the program and wait for it to unfold.

“We came equals into this world, and equals shall we go out of it”

-George Mason

It was 4 am in the morning, I was travelling to the Trichy Railway Station in a cab with the driver. My father was totally against me travelling all alone with only the driver without any of my friends. There were so many “What ifs” that I had to give an answer to, for my father to allow me to do this herculean task of “travelling alone”.


Simply because I am a girl. A girl travelling alone in India.

In many instances like…


An eerie silence, the spotless floor and walls, and the pungent smell of several drugs welcomed me as I was led into the Intensive Coronary Care Unit(ICCU) by the nurse. My pace was slow. My feet didn’t seem to want to go inside. I wouldn’t have been here if not for my Acha(Father). “It’s okay Navya, you just need to go meet him and come back, this would get over soon”, I said to myself.

As I walked into the cabin, I was welcomed by more glass doors. Through one of the windows, I saw my worst fear that day…

When I first saw the WhatsApp forward about BEE, I was intrigued. But I was already in my final year and it was the right time to take the back seat and unwind from the grind that core engineering had put us through in the last couple of years. So I didn’t let the BEE buzz too much(:p).

So it was, in all, just another fleeting thought and nothing more.

A couple of days into an elective that I had opted for that semester, I realized I was getting bored by the minute.

Luckily for me, a second WhatsApp forward…

Navya Vijayan

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